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Confirmed guest

Warsaw Rising 1944
Ewa Przybylak and Łukasz Górka (PL)
Producers of “Warsaw Rising 1944″

Confirmed guest

Project Syria

James Pallot (USA)
Creator of “Project Syria”

Confirmed guest

1979 Revolution

Navid and Vassiliki Khonsari (USA)
Creators of “1979 Revolution”

Confirmed guest

Priya's Shakti
Christian Popp (F)
Co-producer of “Priya’s Shakti”


The evolution of technology is transforming the way that audiences experience stories. With cinema and television the storytelling has been confined and restricted by release formats and windows, so as by time slots.
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The i_doc workshop aims to enabling cultural and creative industries professionals to seize some opportunities and challenges of the currently unfolding audiovisual trends.
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Trainers and experts

Trainers and experts intervening at the workshop come from the more experienced producing national contexts (USA, France, Germany etc.).

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Featured projects

Beyond Freightened

Blurred Border

Find me in Kakuma



In search of Max Hudan

Julian Antonisz. Non-Camera

Metro Crossing

The Only Slut Around

Still Dancing at Sundown: a story of resilience and survival

The Sugar Blues App

Women vs. Money

Chasing Wind (working title)

Memories cut short

Verdict. Can there be Justice for Auschwitz?

Dude, I lost my culture (Twingo the Filmmaker)

Rudy Ricciotti : the fight of an architect


Mirrors of the self

Line No 9 – An interactive journey through time and space in Warsaw

Just wanted to tell you

Goodbye Marco

Emerald Symphony

Confessions on a razor’s edge

4 Stelle Web-Doc

Corporate Vikings


In Panic

Show me your meaning

Sitting on the Fence